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Speciality Chemicals for Metal Finishing and General Manufacturing Industries


The highest quality finish to your manufactured metal products, whether they are of mild steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, or an aluminium alloy, begins with the best quality pre-treatment chemicals and production processes.

PreTreat Ltd is a British owned, independent company, that formulates, manufactures and supplies a wide range of speciality chemicals for the manufacturing and metal finishing industries.

Founded in 2006, they have evolved to become one of the leading privately-owned speciality chemicals manufacturers in their field.

Their customer service teams are directed toward providing potential and existing customers with a full set of services as required, providing a personal, relationship-based service to their customers based on many years experience in the Metal Finishing industry.

PreTreat Speciality Chemicals & Processes

Speciality Chemicals For Aluminium & Its Alloys

Products inc: Cleaners and Degreasers, Alloy Wheel & Paint / Powder Coating Stripping, Derusters & Descalers, and Anodising Dyes

Processes inc: Paint and Powder Removal, Film Forming Processes, Anodising Processes, Chrome Free Conversion Processes & Laser Cut Edge Oxide Scale Removal

Speciality Chemicals For Mild & Galvanised Steel

Products inc: Cleaners and Degreasers, Derusters & Descalers, Dewatering Oils & Specialised Rinse Additives

Processes inc: Film Forming Processes, Phosphating Processes, Chromating Processes, Chrome Free Conversion Processes, Laser Cut Edge Oxide Scale Removal and Titanium-Zirconium Technology

Chemical Dosing & Control Equipment

Companies are now, more than ever before, looking to control their manufacturing processes more exactly to reduce costs, reduce effluent and improve quality.

PreTreat are able to supply, fit and set up chemical controllers for your process tanks and rinses and will continue to provide ongoing support to their customer throughout.

Powder Coat Pens

Repairs and refinishes scuffs and scratches on powder-coated paint surfaces

Available in three different finishes – Gloss, Satin, or Matt – the pens are easy to use and can be used to repair any colour.

They are made up of a transparent base that should be mixed with the original polyester powder coating to ensure a good quality match and colour consistency.

Commercial Consumable Products

As well as the development, manufacture and supply of a wide range of speciality chemicals and processes for metal finishing industries PreTreat also offers a range of commercial consumable products too.

Here is just a small selection of the most popular products.

Paint Preparation Wipes

Fasbond® W-720 pre-treatment wipes are synthetic lint-free cloths, impregnated with an iron phosphating solution. Not only do they clean but they also treat galvanised, steel or aluminium surfaces prior to painting. They will remove light corrosion products and replace the surface with a light phosphate coating that helps bond the paint to the surface for improved corrosion protection.

Tacky Oven Coating

A polymeric based coating formulated for use in high-temperature paint ovens. This product is applied to a sheet of steel or aluminium, wrapped in aluminium foil, by a paint roller. Then passed through the oven to trap airborne particulates that may otherwise be deposited on freshly painted surfaces. The coating remains tacky for extended periods of time at temperatures up to 250° C.


Siloxycoat is a clear, ready-to-use polysilazane surface coating, developed to protect and preserve surfaces in a variety of different environments. Application to the carrier material can be either via spray or dip coating, roll-to-roll application or spin coating as well as wipe-on for smaller areas. Once applied and fully dried it creates a permanent barrier by chemically binding to the substrate.

This is just a small introduction to the wide range of products and services available from PreTreat Ltd. Visit the main website to find out more…